Building a Custom Home

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Custom Home That is Easy to Maintain

Instead of investing your hard-earned money into someone else’s creation, it’s better to use your resources to bring your vision to life. No wonder more people are looking into custom homes.

If you are looking to hire custom home builders in Kelowna make your investment count. Make a low-maintenance space that will last you for a long time and make your life simpler.

Expert tips from low-maintenance custom home builders

While buying a new home for your family fulfills your dream, upkeep will quickly turn into a nuisance. Follow these tips to make maintenance hassle-free:

●    Build a Forever Roof

Slate may have been the traditional choice for home across the continent. While it has many benefits, slate roofing can be fragile and quickly take damage from heavy impact. Cleaning and insulating a slate roof is a hassle as well. Instead, it’s better to switch to a metal roof. Moreover, modern metal roofing has an aesthetic look and can even mimic traditional slate tiles.

Metal roofs are also great at fire resistance. Climate change has aggravated bushfires in recent years. When you hire Kelowna’s luxury home builders, make sure to ask for metal roofing to stay safe and protect your investment. Metal roofs also come with a warranty cycle of half a century. When you’re ready to pass on your home to the next generation or sell it off, your roof will stay strong.

●    Invest in Low-Maintenance Landscaping

A low-maintenance home is meaningless if you end up spending several hours of the week on landscaping. Canadian cities are getting water-stressed and it’s high time to ditch the lawn. Lawns don’t just consume a lot of water but require heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides. Switch to more sustainable and low-maintenance landscaping options.

Most custom house builders recommend their clients to opt for native plants and shrubs for their landscaping. Native plants are accustomed to the local weather and soil conditions and need little to no additional care. They are also good for the environment since local animals depend on them for food and habitat. You send an invitation to cute local critters when you create such low-maintenance landscaping.

●    Low-Maintenance Interiors for Your Custom Home

Choosing the right materials can make a big difference in the long-term durability and maintenance of your home. Here are a few examples:

  1. Vinyl instead of Glass – With glass, you need to invest in double-pane or triple-pane windows for effective insulation. Apart from that, glass is fragile, and keeping it squeaky clean is a nightmare. Switch to vinyl to make your windows low-maintenance.
  2. Wipable paint finishes – Wipable paint finishes can be a bit more expensive than the regular option. However, they help you wipe down messes within seconds. An indispensable option for couples with kids or pets.
  3. Engineered hardwood – Engineered hardwood looks and feels identical to regular hardwood. The difference lies in higher resistance to humidity and temperature fluctuations and in easy replacement with their click-fitting system.
  4. Non-Porous counters – Non-porous counters make you spend time cleaning and more time cooking in the kitchen. Non-porous materials like quartz and high-performance porcelain don’t get stained and don’t trap odour.

●    Custom Home Builders Use Smart Technology

Everything is becoming smarter, not just your phone. It’s time to incorporate smart tech into your home to reduce its upkeep. When you consult building contractors in Kelowna, they may recommend your smart HVAC systems and central vacuuming systems. These systems use sensors and a network of pipes and ducts to automatically regulate the climate of your home and keep it free from food particles, plastics, dirt, and other filth.

You can also invest in self-cleaning windows, automatic coffee machines, and other such technology that automates your chores. The right builder can seamlessly integrate these technologies into their design. Make sure to vet the builders properly after you search for custom home builders near me. Bellamy Homes is a reputable name that shows up in those searches and offers custom solutions for your dream home.

Apart from using these tips to build a low-maintenance house, you can also adopt a minimalist lifestyle to simplify your life. Get rid of unnecessary clutter and buy furniture and decor that requires less maintenance. This frees up your time and helps you focus on things that bring you genuine joy and fulfillment.

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